Antibody-Extractor Suite

Abcloner is an in-silico cloning tool for batch cloning of VRegions in a vector.


Abcloner requires one or two restriction enzymes and a vector sequence in a Genbank format. The occurrence of restriction enzyme sites in the V-Region insert is reported, and partial constructs are reported.


Scenario 1

How to check for restriction sites inside V-Region and in-silico batch clone 192 VH chain sequences in a plasmid.

Abcloner input: Plasmid and 1 or 2 restriction enzymes.

Abcloner will annotate the 192 VH sequence, search for restriction enzymes then cut and extract the V-Region fragment, that will be inserted into the plasmid. The new construct is annotated, and the plasmid features are shifted, taking into account the V-Region insert size.

Constructs are reported in a downloadable multiple Genbank file.