Antibody-Extractor Suite

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) of immune repertoires generates more than 1,000,000 sequences per sequencing run. Abcluster will find highly expressed sequences and how they diverge from their encoding germline genes.


Abcluster extracts V-Regions from NGS dataset and processes them through multiple clustering cycles. Results are displayed in a manner that helps in data interpretation and decision making.

The flexibility of Abcluster input parameters allows tuning of results.

Abcluster user interface is intuitive. One can easily find a sequence pattern from a dataset of million sequences.

Optionally, V-Regions are germlined with Germaligner and aligned with Abaligner tools.


Scenario 1

What is the immune diversity of my library?

Abcluster algorithm will process the dataset through multiple clustering cycles and generates output results. Results are processed and displayed in a manner that helps in the library diversity assessment.

Scenario 2

What VH is highly expressed and my immune repertoire?

Abcluster will process NGS library, and will find and sort highly expressed chains clusters.

Scenario 3

How VH chains with the same CDR3 evolve from their encoding germline V-Gene?

Abcluster will cluster VH chains with the CDR3 and germline the cluster to the appropriate germline VGene.