Welcome to Antibody-Extractor©, the in-silico antibody sequence discovery platform. It’s a suite for scientists and API for developers, active in the field of antibody discovery.

About Antibody-Extractor©

Antibody-Extractor© makes repetitive, time-consuming and error-prone tasks simple and easy to perform. It saves time and maximizes efficiency.


Phage Display Sequences Processing

Antibody In-vitro Maturation

Software Suite for Scientists & API for Developers

DNA or protein V-Region annotation
Immune repertoire mining and library immune diversity assessment
3D multiple alignments of V-Regions
Germline antibody sequences
Mines NGS dataset and extracts antibodies variants
Screens two datasets for enriched sequence groups
Screens Frameworks and CDRs for motifs
Wu-Kabat AA and codon variability
Batch in-silico V-Region cloning in plasmid
Computes immunoglobulins protein parameters
Computes  protein parameters
Extracts germline genes from DNA sequences


High-Frequency Antibody Sequence Analysis

More than two decades expertise in Antibody discovery was captured as algorithms and implemented in API using the most recent technologies from High-Frequency Trading industry to perform High-Frequency Sequences Analysis.

Antibody-Extractor© algorithms are developed in-house and successfully used for Antibody discovery and rationalization of in-vitro maturation processes.

About AbnomX

Framework for Immunoinformatics solutions

Analyzing millions of sequences requires specific and performant algorithms, software and IT infrastructure. Taking advantage of more than two decades of experience in Molecular Biology, Immunology,  Bioinformatics, Immunoinformatics, Software Development, System Architecture, and Intellectual Property, we designed a set of algorithms exclusively dedicated to antibody sequence discovery and integrated into a software suite: Antibody-Extractor©.

Already applied today by many companies in Europe and US, Antibody-Extractor© is yielding novel and valuable insights into antibody-based research strategies. Antibody-Extractor© makes repetitive, time-consuming and error-prone daily tasks simple and easy to perform. It saves time and maximizes antibody discovery through rationalization of the output generated from deep-sequencing discovery processes.


Simple. Effective. Powerful.

Antibody-Extractor© is a set of algorithms and tools dedicated to efficient and fast antibody and T cell receptor sequence discovery. Through its API, Antibody-Extractor© is also used as a core package for developing customized Immunoinformatics solutions and data management systems that support antibody-based R&D processes.


  • Heavy
  • Kappa
  • Lambda
  • Light (Kappa and Lambda mix)
  • VHH (Nanobody)
  • TCR-alpha
  • TCR-beta
  • TCR-gamma and TCR-delta implementation in progress

Sequence Inputs

  • DNA or Protein in fasta or fastq file
  • Single Abi, multiple Abi files in compressed zip file


  • Homo sapiens
  • Mus musculus
  • Oryctolagus cuniculus
  • Rattus norvegicus
  • Camelid
  • Any other organism if reference sequences are available


  • Kabat is the reference numbering scheme
  • Any other numbering scheme can be implemented