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Key products

Antibody-Extractor™ platform

The Antibody-Extractor software platform offers a set of algorithms exclusively dedicated to antibody sequence and repertoire analysis. It accelerates and improves phage-display and NGS-based antibody discovery through sequence selection and rational in-vitro maturation design.

Antibody-Extractor™ API

The API offers bioinformaticians and developers easy access to Antibody-Extractor algorithms and functions. It lets developers focus on their core software development, delegating immunoinformatics tasks to the API.

TCR-Profiler™ platform

The TCR-Profiler software platform will support researchers performing sophisticated TCR sequence analyses. The platform is based on the same high performance engine as Antibody-Extractor.

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Features & Benefits

Discover why Antibody-Extractor is best in class

By molecular biologists, for molecular biologists

AbnomX recruits the best people, who stand out among their peers. Our employees are the strength behind AbnomX. We continue to build our expertise in molecular biology in order to be able to address the real world issues of researchers in the field. We are AbnomX: together we transform immune repertoire data into knowledge.

A Workflow-based user experience

The number one value point our customers mention relates to a fundamental AbnomX principle:  All our software solutions match the natural workflow of the user. The software modules are always created from the unique vantage point of the researcher. The effort to input and interpret results should be minimal.

Big data

All AbnomX software solutions respect the key requirement of working with big data:

  • You can keep the raw data
  • You can visualize the data
  • You can automate things
  • You can get the maximum out of your computing time

High-speed algorithms

The “Antibody-Extractor” software platform uses proprietary high-speed algorithms, similar to the ones used in high frequency trading. It results in extremely fast turnaround times. This especially useful for the analysis of NGS data sets.

Machine learning

The “Antibody-Extractor” software platform contains the machine learning module, gExtractor, for germline sequence prediction starting from unannotated data. The predicted human-homologous canonical folds of camelid-derived antibodies were confirmed by X-ray crystallography. [Klarenbeek et al., MAbs. 2015;7(4):693-706].

Phage display and NGS data sets

Regardless the origin of your data set our software solutions guide you through the antibody discovery process. Tedious, error-prone tasks are automated and completed fast. You can work on a dedicated powerful server for data processing in a safe and reliable way. Antibody-Extractor can also combine phage-display and NGS data for extremely efficient antibody discovery.

Selected clients

AbnomX powers immune repertoire data solutions for clients worldwide. The endorsement by these companies makes us proud.

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