Cookie policy


We collect information about you using “cookies”, “tracking pixels” and similar technologies.

Privacy policy

Your personal data collected via aforementioned technologies are processed in accordance with our Privacy policy.

First party cookies

We may use the following categories of cookies:

  • Authentication
    These cookies allow us to create your personal profile and to log you in.
  • Preferences
    These cookies allow us to remember your language preferences and other user-interface preferences.
  • On-line form
    These cookies allow us to remember the data you fill in so you will not have to re-enter it each time.
  • Analytics
    These cookies allow us to statistically monitor your usage of our services (e.g. which pages you find useful and which you do not) and to identify which pages are being visited most frequently.
  • User security
    These cookies aim at increasing security of the services. This includes techniques in order to prevent fraud and to detect abusive log-in attempts.
  • Load balancing
    These cookies improve the distribution of workloads across multiple computing resources and are able to send requests to specific servers.
  • Social plug-in content
    These cookies allow users of social media to share contents of the website on social media

Third party cookies

We may use the following categories of cookies:

  • Tracking pixels 
    These pixels transmit information to us or our partners such as your IP address, the time you viewed the tag, an identifier associated with the browser or device and the type of browser being used.
  • Click fraud detection
  • Research and market analysis
  • Product improvement and debugging
  • Social media plug-in tracking
    These cookies allow social media to track users of a website, even though they are not member of the social medium in question, for the purposes of direct marketing and market research.
  • Google analytics
    These cookies allow websites to monitor how users behave on their platform.

Browser settings

You can choose to decline cookies through your browser settings. You can also choose to erase old cookies through your browser settings. Most browsers offer instructions on how to do so in the “Help” section of the toolbar.

Acceptance of cookies

While you are not required to accept cookies to access our website, if you reject cookies, certain offerings, features or resources of our website may not work properly and you may experience some loss of convenience or functionality.

Links to third party sites

Please note that advertisers and other third parties may also use their own cookies, tracking pixels and similar technologies when you click on their links to their website or service. This cookie policy does not govern the use of these technologies by such third-parties.

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