The Antibody-Extractor software platform offers a set of algorithms exclusively dedicated to antibody sequence and repertoire analysis.

AbnomX launches Version 8.0 of Antibody-Extractor

The development team of AbnomX launched version 8.0 of antibody-extractor, its lead immunoinformatics product. The latest version of this software platform for antibody discovery comes with multiple new features.

A key addition to the functionality involved the “online help” which is now available by just hovering your cursor over action buttons. This new feature helps users to navigate the many modules in the software platform. It greatly improves the user experience, by enabling scientists to check “on the fly” the possibilities of all the algorithms.

Another key change to this version is a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to help researchers worldwide to accelerate their COVID-19 research, the AbnomX developers have improved the algorithms for this purpose. Most importantly, the module “Pan4Seq” can now be used to compare two distinct patient population B-cell repertoires for enriched antibody sequences.