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Antibody-Extractor™ 9.0 brings a host of new features, including a brand-new Antibody Sequence Editor.

While we were onboarding a slew of new users, we have also been busy upgrading our lead software platform.

Let’s start with our favorite new feature: the Antibody Sequence Editor.

One of our most highly requested features. Antibody-Extractor can now display antibody sequences in an interactive graphical format. We promise an excellent user experience. All your feedback is welcome.

We can’t tell you how handy this has been for us – especially when viewing antibody sequences and antibody constructs.

We introduced a new Camelid VH/VHH discriminator algorithm.

From now on Antibody-Extractor is smart enough to discriminate between VH4-VHH and VH4-VH. This one is made especially for our Nanobody community.

The “Germaligner” algorithm enjoys a greater sensitivity and performance, and we added more output formats.

The new Antibody-Extractor version will provide you with fine-grained analysis options down to the specific germline gene at the allele level. Wow!

A brand-new module: “ProteomX”, for the protein scienticsts among you.

This cool module will predict all the proteinase antibodies cleavage sites and digestion fragments. You can also calculate molecular weight, isoelectric point, extinction coefficients, and much more. In short, the Swiss pocketknife for Antibody protein science.

We have only just started this module. It will be expanded in the future. Stay tuned.

In addition, we make it a habit to do some Spring cleaning and we fixed some bugs and tuned the performance of the algorithms.

These aren’t small changes, and together they all add up to a more satisfying user experience.

Discover now. Antibody-Extractor 9.0 is a free upgrade for all active subscribers.