Antibody-Extractor Suite

Germaligner clusters the sequences according to their encoding V or V-J Genes and performs multiple alignments using Abaligner.


Antibody-Extractor uses its own curated germline genes database and a human antibody sequence database from Genbank. The Germaligner algorithm finds the best antibody encoding V-Gene and J-Gene.

The flexibility of Germaligner input parameters allows results fine-tuning.

Query sequences are clustered based on the encoding V-Gene and aligned using Abaligner algorithm. The Germaligner user interface is intuitive. Results can be easily selected and exported or submitted to any Antibody-Extractor tool.

Germline genes frequency usage is computed and compared versus other datasets. Statistics data can be exported to Excel for further manipulation.


Scenario 1

What is the V-Gene frequency usage of NGS dataset of my functionally active antibodies?

DNA sequences are submitted to Germaligner. V-Region or V-Gene protein sequences are extracted from the dataset and processed. Antibodies from the same germline are grouped into clusters and aligned using Abaligner.

Scenario 2

Germline-based humanization of non-human antibodies.

3D structure-based alignment of antibody sequences with germlines genes in an intuitive environment helps in decision making in humanization processes.